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Professional Darts is a game enjoyed by spectators all over the world from Scotland to Australia and the popularity of the game is growing from year to year with the Professional Darts Corporation ‘World Championships’ in December each year attracting television viewing exceeding one million people on British Pay-TV and the British Darts Organization holding a World Darts Championship in January each year. Countless fans watch these events and many more online through the Live Streaming service offered by top bookmakers on PC and on mobile devices.

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Our favourite bookmakers offer fully comprehensive Darts coverage throughout the year of tournaments organized by the professional darts Corporation or PDC, the BDO (British Darts Organization) and the World Darts Federation or WDF.


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When did Playing Darts Become a Popular Sport?

Darts is generally accepted to be a sport invented in England several hundred years ago with records showing that King Henry VIII was a keen player receiving a gift of a set of ornate darts from his second wife Anne Boleyn and would use the bottom of a wooden barrel as the target.

Fixed rules and the exact layout of the dartboard were not published until the end of the 19th century and once they were firmly established the game became very popular in public houses in England. When legislation was brought in by parliament forbidding games of chance in public houses a pub owner ‘Foot Anakin’ challenged a judge in a court of law to match his skill at darts.

Anakin proved that he was a superior player and won his case resulting in darts being permitted in public houses as a game of skill leading to a huge increase in the popularity of darts.

In 1924, the National Darts Association was founded in England formalizing the rules of the game and leading to its official recognition as a sport. Tournaments were organized by the NDA with the first major championship taking place in London in 1928 with the sponsorship of a major newspaper ‘The News of the World’.

1,000 players took part in the first tournament causing it to be a resounding success and within 3 years the ‘News of the World Individual Darts Championship’ became a national event with players all over the country taking part. It was not until 1954 that the National Darts Association of Great Britain was set up bringing darts into the spotlight with the help of the sponsorship of the Nodor Dartboard Company who was the principle dartboard manufacturer in Britain.

The ‘NODOR Fours’ competition inspired 4 million competitors to enter the tournament in the first year and in 1962 the Westward TV Invitational competition was broadcast to people living in the South West of England. Darts coverage on TV was vastly increased in the 1970s and the 1980’s due to popular demand with the BBC and ITV broadcasting major tournaments.


Technology Leads the Way

Following the establishment of the BDO in 1973 and the technological advances that allowed split screen broadcasts of darts competitions, audiences around the world began to take an interest in the sport.

The World Darts Championship sponsored by the ‘Embassy’ cigarette brand was shown on TV in 1985 boosting membership of the BDO to 30,000 players and 800 tournaments were organized by the BDO in one year alone. Unfortunately Darts players were characterized on TV comedies as drunken ‘louts’ in the ensuing years causing the BBC and ITV to cut their TV coverage to a bare minimum.


Creation of the PDC

The PDC was founded in 1993 as a result of a split by 16 well-known professional players from the BDO who expressed dissatisfaction with the level of sponsorship that the BDO had gotten for the organization and the sparse TV coverage that had resulted from the bad press about darts players.

The PDC grew rapidly with many professional players joining the corporation. However, both organizations are thriving today and hold major tournaments each year with their World Championships a few weeks apart giving darts fans plenty of fabulous entertainment during the months of December and January in particular.

The BDO plays an important role for amateur players as well as professionals as it organizes tournaments for all levels of darts players around Great Britain.


Role of the World Darts Federation

Fifteen national darts associations joined to form the World Darts Federation which was incorporated in the USA in 1976, inviting all national associations to join and strengthen the federation whose aim was to get international recognition of the sport everywhere on the planet and promote the sport as much as possible.

The WDF today has 300,000 members from 67 nations in the federation and organizes a vast range of tournaments including the World Cup, The Americas Cup, the Asia-Pacific Cup and the Europe Cup for federation members.

The WDF compiles the official world rankings for darts players based on their participation in 80 national, regional and world events organized for WDF members. Darts as a sport for young people is heavily promoted by the WDF with The Youth Masters and the Europe Cup Youth important annual competitions.


A Fabulous Year Round Sport to Bet on

The sport of darts continues to grow in popularity with emphasis placed on the skill element involved in the sport which serves to attract more young people than ever before. Gone forever is the image of the game as a past time for friends in the local ‘pub’ with a pint of beer in one hand and a dart in the other.

Today it is a highly respected sport enjoyed by countless numbers of people everywhere. Sponsorship is very significant in the sport and prize money reaches into the millions of pounds placing well known professional darts players on a par with tennis and golf professionals.

The opportunities for sports betting fans to bet on darts competitions are endless as there are always exciting tournaments being held somewhere in the world organized by the WDF and on a national level by the national organizations of each country. Register your account with one of our recommended bookmakers and enjoy the darts betting markets available for pre-match betting and Live Betting in play.

Live streaming of major darts competitions are shown by most of the bookmakers that we have partnered with.