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Football is a sport that has a very long history in some form or other, probably dating back to when our ancestors stood up and started hunting for food with weapons. Even as tiny children we all felt the need to kick a tin can or a round object down the road without any reason so it seems that football is in our genes!

Who can say when human beings started purposefully running around like crazy on a field, kicking a ‘round’ shaped object with the aim of winning points against an opposing team? Whether it was a pig’s bladder filled with water or a leather bag stuffed with feathers, the ‘football’ needed to be soft enough to avoid breaking the toes of the players who usually played barefoot as there were no fancy re-enforced football boots from sportswear companies.

Even now in 2015, football fans will see TV footage of the ‘glorious’ game being played by laughing young people from deprived backgrounds in poor countries without shoes on their feet and understand that it is truly a game without class or boundaries, bringing pleasure to everybody whether they play or watch.

The great thing about soccer is that you just need a ball and a bunch of energetic people to have a fabulous time without spending any money at all. The huge number of football players from Africa and South America ‘starring’ in major European teams demonstrates how talent is the key to success in a game that is enjoyed by countless numbers of people on the planet.

Football is the most important sport on every bookmakers sports betting website and there are literally thousands of events and hundreds of thousands of markets related to football for fans to wager on.


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Football, the Unifying Sport

The English Football Association is the oldest in the world dating back to 1863 and has been the model for football associations formed in countries all over the globe.

Every European country has a domestic league with several levels including football clubs from the smallest villages to the ‘big city’ teams who tend to walk away with the silverware at the end of each season.

That doesn’t detract from the entertainment value of games played by domestic clubs with every club, large or small enjoying the support of a solid fan base from their area or further afield.

European leagues have been created with the UEFA Champions League the most important attracting and unifying fans from everywhere to watch and bet on the thrilling games.

The live betting option in-play adds a new, exciting dimension to sports betting taking the process to another level entirely, helped along of course by mobile betting which is the fastest growing ‘trend’ in the world of sports.

Online Sports betting platforms offer comprehensive statistics and form info along with livescore results during the course of football matches.

Expert advice, betting tips and news about clubs, players and upcoming matches are plentiful and vital for making sound sports betting decisions.

Registered customers with the best online ‘bookies’ get offered outstanding promotional offers from day to day as well as access to thousands of free live streamed events and radio commentary. Check out the informative and pragmatic reviews about the bookmakers that we recommend at and select the bookmakers that you would like to register with for all your football betting and more.


Major Football Leagues

Here at we focus on major football leagues in Europe and the rest of the world. Read about the major football leagues below:


Football In England


Professional football in England is organized within a pyramid of leagues which are interlinked through a system of promotion and relegation. The Premier League created in 1992 is at the top of the pyramid with 20 top flight teams mostly based in England but also include the Welsh club Swansea City at present.

Beneath the Premier League is the Football League that is divided into three divisions of 24 clubs. The Championship is the second level in the pyramid, League One is the third level and League two represents the fourth level.

The leagues beneath the ‘Football League’ are confusingly referred to as ‘non league football’. The top tier of Non League football is the National League which comprises of one division of 24 clubs and represents level five of the football pyramid.

Level six has two football divisions, each with 22 clubs: The National League North and the National League South with some clubs operating as professional and others as semi-professional entities.

Level Seven has three regional leagues which cover the North, South and South East of England. The base of the pyramid grows broader as more levels are included with increasingly more local football clubs are represented in the system.

The annual campaign to win the FA cup includes clubs from 10 levels in the football league pyramid in a simple system of elimination over the football season.


The Football League

The Football League was founded in 1888 as a league competition for professional clubs from England and Wales. It’s the oldest professional football league in the world and currently has 72 clubs in three divisions of 24 clubs. 46 games are played each season by each club, with each club playing the other clubs once at home and once away.

The Football League operates the same relegation and promotion system between the three divisions as it does with the Premier League.

Two knock-out cup competitions are organized by the Football League, The Football League Cup established in 1960 and the Football League Trophy.

The names can vary according to the annual sponsors of the competitions. The Premier League Clubs as well as the three divisions of the Football League are eligible to compete for the Football League Cup with the winner going to the UEFA Europa League competition automatically.

The Football League Trophy competition is open only to clubs in the top two divisions of the Football League.


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