Bet on Golf

Golf is one of the ‘big four’ sports covered extensively by reputable bookmakers on the internet with a huge range of markets offered every day of the year for current and upcoming events. The huge number of high profile golf events scheduled every year across the globe give golf fans practically non-stop opportunities to place bets and to follow the careers of a very long list of players.

New players ‘pop up’ on the scene all the time adding a great sense of anticipation and making golf betting even more thrilling than ever before. Golf is a fascinating game with millions of fans watching with huge interest as the talented players show off amazing skill during breathtaking performances under extreme pressure.

It’s generally accepted that the game of Golf played over 18 holes with a stick and a leather ball originated in Scotland with reference made to ‘Gowf’ in the Scottish Parliament Act of 1457 where James II forbade the playing of golf and football as it interfered with Archery practice amongst military personnel. Records dating back to the 13th century show that stick and ball games were commonly played in Holland but the current game where players aim to hit a ball towards a hole in the ground would seem to be a Scottish invention and the impressive number of magnificent Golf courses in Scotland supports the claim very convincingly.

Golfers everywhere would be thrilled to play at St Andrews Golf club which has been an official golf club since 1754 and hosts 11 major championship events every year. The St Andrews Open is one of the four most important Golf tournaments scheduled in the world annually attracting the best players on the planet to compete for the prestigious title.

The official world golf rankings are drawn up by the ‘Royal and Ancient Golf Club’ which is the original name of St Andrews Golf Club and the rules of golf are revised by the committee of the R&A together with the other world golf authority ‘The United States Golf Association’. Professional and national amateur golf associations in110 countries collaborate with the R & A in Scotland ensuring that the rules are uniform and that players can easily compete across the world adhering to the same standards.


The 4 Majors

There are 4 ‘Major’ Men’s Golf Championships held annually and countless important championships on every continent attracting a massive number of players seeking to gain recognition with a place in the official world rankings as well as the huge prize funds.

The Masters Tournament is hosted by the Augusta National Golf Club in April followed by the US Open in June played at different locations in the USA each year as it is organized by the United States Golf Association.

The Open Championship organised by the R&A of St Andrews is held on one of 10 ‘links’ courses in the UK taking place in July and the PGA Championship organized by the USGA takes place in August at a selected golf course in the USA.

These are just the ‘core’ championships in the sport and they are covered by every bookmaker from every angle with a broad range of markets on offer. Our selected partners all cover Golf tournaments extensively and give golf fans a marvellous betting service with selected live streaming of events.