Bet on Handball

Handball is a very popular sport played throughout the world evolving from the outdoor field sport included in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin to the indoor sport enjoyed by many Handball players today.

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What is Handball?

Handball is played by two teams each made up of 7 players with one player on each team acting as the goalkeeper. Seven substitutes sit on the bench waiting for the moment that they enter the match relieving team members during the highly energetic game. The aim is to score as many goals as possible by shooting the ball into the opponent’s goal.

The game is played using a spherical ball which can be manipulated in one hand hence the need for different size balls for men, women and children. When a player is in possession of the ball he can pass to another player, dribble by bouncing the ball up and down off the ground as he runs, keep the ball in his hand for up to three steps in three seconds before passing or shooting at the goal.

Two referees are involved in the game which is incredibly fast and fluid requiring a close eye on the position of ball and the actions of the players with special attention paid to the number of steps taken by any player as well as the position on the court when attempting to score. The indoor court is 40 metres long and 20 metres wide with a football style goal, two metres high and three metres wide screwed to the floor and having a net at the back.

Players must remain 6 metres from the goal when attempting to score with the match lasting 60 minutes in total. A break of 10 to 15 minutes is taken after 30 minutes of play and the teams change sides on the court ensuring that each team experiences the same playing conditions.

The time limitations and the need to dribble makes the game extremely fast with players required to play as highly co-ordinated teams without stopping to consider possible options. The game requires enormous stamina, intense training and a great team spirit making it very popular in schools seeking to develop the best in young people and keep them healthy at a time where obesity is a serious issue all over the developed world.


A Brief History of Handball

Handball style games have been played since Roman times with records showing the Inuit playing in Greenland as well as by the French during the ‘Middle Ages’. The game was given ‘formalized’ during the 19th century in several Baltic countries with the recognized official rules established and written down by Holger Nielson in Denmark in 1906. The inclusion of Men’s Field Handball in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin brought the game to the attention of the wider public and saw a huge boost in the popularity of the game prompting the establishment of the International Handball Federation in 1946.

Due to limited opportunities to play outdoors during winter months, the game was adapted to indoor play also attracting enthusiastic spectators to sit comfortably to watch without having to endure the ‘elements’. The Women’s Handball event was added to the 1972 summer Olympic Games in Munich and since that time it has been included in all summer Olympic Games.

The International Handball Federation (IHF) currently has more than 166 federation members presenting around 800,000 teams with approximately 20 million players.


Handball is a fast-paced sport, which guarantees plenty of goals and excitement. Approximately 20 million players are registered world wide across 800.000 handball teams.


World Championships in Handball

The World Championship games represent the most important dates on the Handball calendar taking place every two years with the next World Championships taking place in 2017. A separate championship is held for men and for women at different times of the year. Every nation belonging to the IHF has a national league for junior players as well as for men and women with the clubs battling for the top positions throughout each season.

Every continent on the planet has a handball federation organizing events and ensuring that the game continues to gain in popularity everywhere with beach handball now an exciting game promoted during summer months.

The opportunities to bet on handball are numerous with high profile games taking place during most of the year.