Bet on Horse Racing

We know that horse racing has been going on at least since Roman times with references made to racing found in Roman documents dating from 200AD. Records of horse racing in the UK show that it has been an ‘official’ form of entertainment for the British people for hundreds of year and there has been huge interest in horse breeding with countless millions of pounds invested in the industry.

The emphasis has been on creating fast, streamlined animals by mixing the resilient, calm European work horse used to plough fields and pull heavy loads with the smaller, hot blooded Arabian horse renowned for speed and endurance. The English Thoroughbred horse is the superb result of many years of selective breeding and it is found all over the world competing in races and owned by private individuals for the sheer pleasure of riding an elegant, highly sensitive animal ‘with a big heart’.

There are 59 race courses in Britain, most of them owned by the Jockey Club (established in 1750) maintaining high standards for jockeys and horses. Flat racing and National Hunt racing over obstacles are the two main types of horse racing in Britain.

Each race course has an interesting history with many going back several hundred years established with the patronage of aristocrats and the British Royal family who have traditionally been involved in breeding, hunting and racing since the 16th Century. Chester Race course is known to have existed in the early 16th Century and still operates near the ancient City walls today attracting capacity crowds.

Horse racing was traditionally seen as the ‘sport of kings’ with Henry VIII known to have been active in the breeding of horses, importing stallions and mares for breeding purposes and creating a stud farm at Eltham.

Since the end of the First World War it has become the sport of the people in the UK with massive investment made in increasing the number of horses in the country after most of the British horses died on the battle fields in France during the terrible war of 1914-1918. The mechanization of agriculture ‘released’ horses from labouring on farms and the emphasis was placed on horse breeding for entertainment purposes with horse farms and racing studs established all over the UK producing superb race horses, hunters and casual riding horses.

Today, the horse racing industry in the UK and Ireland employs around 200,000 people, generating up to £4 billion every year for the economy. Britain is at the forefront of equine medical research pioneering ground breaking surgical procedures that can heal injuries and illnesses that were deemed ‘hopeless’ until quite recently. Great emphasis is placed on the protection and care of horses throughout the UK and Ireland with standards at horse races improved enormously in recent times.


High Profile Horse Races

The most challenging high profile races such as the ‘Grand National’ have been carefully reviewed to avoid accidents due to hazardous jumps and badly designed obstacles making horse racing a pleasure for the public to watch and for the horses and jockeys who take part. The attention given to the health and safety of horses and jockeys has given a big boost to the industry prompting millions of spectators to attend the races every year in family groups.

Millions more watch on TV and on digital media with events streamed live by the biggest bookmakers in the industry giving fans all over the world the opportunity to enjoy the races and the fabulous sports betting opportunities.

Having a ‘flutter’ on the horses is the oldest type of gambling entertainment in the UK and Ireland and gives punters exciting opportunities to enjoy betting across countless markets just about every day of the week throughout the year. The creation of all-weather race tracks and sheltered grand stands has revolutionized horse racing allowing events to be scheduled throughout the year at many race courses.

Horse racing fans can now enjoy sports betting on the horses at any time and with the introduction of Live betting markets during races as well as mobile phone sports apps dedicated to horse racing such as the one offered free by Unibet Sport, customers can bet anytime from anywhere whilst watching the races live on their mobile devices.