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When you want to bet on sports online, there are several bookmakers to choose from. That makes it hard to decide which bookie you want to use when you want to bet on sports, but here at we’ve done most of the work for you.

We list the best bookies in the world for online sports betting, and now it’s just up to you to choose one of them and get started placing your bets online with the best bonuses on the market.


Want to Bet on Sports? Here Are The Best Bookies!

Site Bonus Review Visit
William Hill William Hill $30 Review
T&Cs Apply. 18+
888Sports 888Sports €30 Review
BetVictor BetVictor Bet £10 Get £40 Review
Betway Betway $30 Review
Unibet Unibet $ Review
Betfair Betfair €20 Review
Bwin Bwin £20 Review
T&Cs Apply. 18+
Each Casino reserves the right to cancel or change promotions at any time. Please refer to each Casino's T&Cs page for full details. New Customer Only. 18+. Please play responsibly.


Bet on Sports Safely and Legally

Sports-betting is an entertaining activity that has been going on around the world since time immemorial usually at a local level and in sports popular in each region of the globe. Off course sports betting in the UK became legal in 1960 and the established bookmakers who had previously operated at the race courses were able to set up shops in the high street popularising sports betting very rapidly.

The rapid evolution and popularisation of the internet in the 1990’s gave bookmakers the opportunity of taking their sports betting services online reaching out to people living all over the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online sports betting gave customers a larger variety of sports to bet on and for the first time ever allowed people who had never entered a betting shop, the opportunity to discover the excitement of sports betting from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Today the sports betting industry employs more than 100,000 in the UK alone and generates billions of pounds for the economy as well as substantial revenues for the treasury through taxation.

Hundreds of sports betting and gaming companies offer online sports betting, casino and poker on integrated platforms on the internet. We at have partnered with what we consider to be the best online bookmakers after carefully assessing their sports betting platforms and the range of services offered. We are completely satisfied with the security and integrity of the selected companies as well as the customer support.

The software for most sports betting platforms owned by reputable bookmakers is created and maintained by third party specialist companies who ensure that the sports betting platforms are user friendly, secure and operationally functional.

Each bookmaker has a personalized website with its own presentation of sports, sports betting markets and related odds. Each business places great emphasis on unique and innovative features setting it apart from competitive brands and most essentially on attractive and eye-catching promotional offers in an attempt to be as different as possible from those offered elsewhere.


Keep Your Sports Betting Casual

Sports betting should be a casual, entertaining activity that is sustainable over the long term with bettors sticking to a sports betting budget that shouldn’t be overstepped EVER. We suggest that you withdraw your winnings every month and leave your core betting budget in your bookmaker’s account to use in the next month so that you don’t get tempted to take big risks.

The bookmakers that we have selected offer their customers self imposed betting limits or even self imposed exclusion from the sports betting site for a period of time if the individual feels that they cannot control their gambling expenditure.

Like everything in life that is fun, betting needs to be enjoyed in moderation with individuals earmarking a certain amount of money that can be lost without impacting day to day life.

Betting should be viewed in the same way as any form of entertainment such as eating out, going to the movies or taking a boat ride and not as a way of generating an income. When sports betting fans begin to feel compelled to bet, then it’s time to take a ‘rain check’ and talk about it with friends and family before it becomes a serious issue further down the line.


Bet on Football

Football is without a doubt the most popular game on the planet with national football associations established in almost every country. Tens of thousands of matches are held annually in local communities as well as at the top League level where players are paid enormous sums of money for their football skills and crowd drawing abilities.

The fact that billions of people have some kind of interest in football makes it the number one sport to feature at the top of every online bookmaker’s website.

Thousands of football betting markets are offered weekly during the ‘season’ which runs from August to the first week in June in the northern hemisphere. During the summer break there are plenty of ‘friendly’ matches, qualifiers for the following season and national football championships on other continents such as South America and Australia with full sports betting coverage offered. The most lucrative online sports betting promotions are made for football events giving football enthusiasts endless opportunities to get plenty of bonus returns from the ‘bookies’.


Amazing Features Adding to Your Entertainment

Live streaming of football fixtures is a regular option on the sports betting platforms of all our partnered ‘bookies’ and if an event is not streamed live there will usually be the option of live betting during play. Live betting has become more popular with the punters than fixed odds betting and the availability of convenient and safe, FREE sports betting apps from all of our partner ‘ bookies’ adds a thrilling dimension to sports betting never experienced before.


Sports Betting Platforms Created to Meet Your Expectations

Everybody can enjoy sports betting without having any previous knowledge of how to bet as full instructions are given on the sports betting platforms and helpful customer support teams are always ready to answer queries through the instant live chat. Football facts, statistics, team information, livescores and general news about the different leagues and individual players are all available for free on the websites of our selected online bookmakers. Check the comprehensive reviews that have been drawn up of our partnered bookmakers at and choose your bookmaker for all your football betting entertainment.

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Bet on Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most important traditional national sports in the UK and Ireland and is a high profile sport watched by countless numbers of spectators in the USA and South Africa on TV and on other media forms. Most online bookmakers in Britain offer odds for horse racing within the UK and Ireland and several of our partner ‘bookies’ covering markets for races in South Africa and the USA. Betting on ‘the horses’ has been going on for thousands of years just about everywhere on the planet and the activity is still a ‘passion’ for millions of people worldwide including members of the British Royal Family. It was Queen Ann who founded the Royal Ascot racecourse in 1711 and 11 monarchs since that time have been patrons of the noble sport with Queen Elizabeth II owning 22 winners at Royal Ascot during her reign.


Best Odds Guaranteed

Betting online on Horse Racing has many advantages with the most lucrative being that the odds are usually better than those offered at a race track or in local betting shops. Online bookmakers recommended by the team at offer excellent sign up bonus rewards to new customers in the form of free bets or refunds on losing bets up to a certain amount of money. Promotional betting offers created specifically for horse racing fans are a permanent feature on the sports betting platforms of our recommended bookmakers with many offering ‘best odds guarantees’ on horse racing in the UK and Ireland meaning that customers who place their bets using early prices will get the better price automatically if the actual starting price is higher on the day of the race.


Live Streaming of ‘Important’ Races

Racing coverage by online bookies is far more extensive than elsewhere and is usually streamed live by the bookmakers who pride themselves as specialists in the sport, giving an in depth service to horse racing fans. William Hill offers an outstanding online horse racing service with commentary on WH Radio and live streaming on William Hill TV. Up to date statistics and news about recent races, horses, jockeys and trainers are all provided on the sports betting platform giving horse racing fans a mass of pertinent information in a single place for absolutely free. The only requirement is to register an account with the bookmaker you would like to use for your horse racing bets and keep some funds in that account in order to view races for free on the bookmaker’s website.


Bet on Horse Racing on the Move for FREE

The complete horse racing service provided by our selected online bookmakers is accessible on mobile devices by downloading the free and safe mobile app from the online sports betting platform of the bookie that you register with. The apps are available for Android and iOS operated devices and are optimized to make them easy to use and visible on even the smallest screen.

What could be more convenient than betting from your mobile device from wherever you happen to be on any day of the week at no extra cost? Using a recommended online sports betting platform operated by one of our partnered bookmakers is safe and convenient at any time you decide to register an account. Check out our bookmaker partners listed on this page and discover the immense pleasure of betting on horse racing today.

Live in play betting on horse racing is available for certain races and a huge range of pre-race bets feature at the online bookmakers.

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Bet on Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world with children learning to play from a very early age and adults who may never have had the opportunity as youngsters, learning later on in life. The game requires a racquet for each player, tennis balls, a tennis court with a smooth hard surface or a well mown grass surface divided by a waist height net. The aim is to hit the ball to the opponent who must hit it back again in what may sound like a simple task however skilled players are able to propel the ball with power and speed as far from the opponent as possible without the ball landing out of the court boundaries.

Competitive tennis is a fabulous spectator sport as it is fast moving and unpredictable making it ideal for LIVE BETTING and the fact that so many people can identify personally with the sport has boosted the growth of the game on every continent. Several hundred professional tennis tournaments are staged each year across the globe making it a great sport to follow and an optimal sport for sport betting fans that never run out of sport betting opportunities.

Tennis fans choosing to register with one our recommended bookmakers will have the benefit of enjoying tennis betting on a wide range of tournaments, free live streaming of events that may never be shown on ‘free to view’ TV and access to form and statistics as well as the latest tennis news and ‘Gossip’.

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Bet on Golf

Golf is a sport which attracts a huge following in every country in the world even becoming the sport of choice in the Middle East where manicured golf courses stand out as vibrant green oases in the desert, watered by millions of tons of desalinated sea water at vast expense. The sport is notoriously expensive for people wishing to play on a regular basis but there are many people who can afford it and who thoroughly enjoy being outside in any sort of weather conditions knocking the ball around at a leisurely pace with friends and colleagues. The game provides an opportunity to ‘relax’ mentally whilst exercising physically using skill and coordination to get the ball into the 18 holes spread around the course. The fact that it is not a fast game and that many players use Golf Buggies to get about, permits people to play into their senior years remaining healthy and mentally alert.

Golf is any easy game to watch and the most high profile games are broadcast on TV the whole year round as well as streamed live by many bookmakers as part of their free LIVE STREAMING service to registered customers. The superb LIVE BETTING service is often co-ordinated with live streaming giving hundreds of golf betting opportunities throughout the duration of each live tournament. Livescore results are available on the sports betting platforms of all the online bookmakers that we have partnered with, showing constantly updated data which makes it possible for golf fans to bet live at any moment they want to during play. Live betting is the fastest growing method used for betting on any sport as the range of markets is huge in comparison to pre-match betting and it is far more engaging. Punters who bet on a wide selection of markets during play have a much higher rate of success on their sports betting and bigger returns and the end of the day.

Choose one or more of our recommended bookmakers to register your sport betting accounts and enjoy the comprehensive service offered for the most popular sports including Golf. Read up on the latest news about each sport, the players, the teams and the predictions on the outcome of future events.

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These are just some of the sports on which you can find great odds when you bet on sports online. All the bookmakers offer a variety of odds on different sports like football, tennis, basketball, golf… bookmakers even offer odds on smaller sports like UFC and handball. The general rule is: If you’ve ever seen it on TV, you can most likely bet on it online. You can even bet on politics during election times.

You can bet on sports from your computer from home or even whilst you’re on the move with mobile betting from your phone or tablet. It’s super easy getting started, so what’s the hold up?