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The concept of mixing the diverse martial arts in a unifying tournament to determine which form of unarmed combat was most effective came to fruition in 1993 in the USA having been inspired by the Brazilian Full contact sport Vale Tudo.

The very first contest had minimal rules and was so thrilling that the official UFC organization was set up. It was sold to the current owners in 2001 and today hosts around 40 world class events every year. A large number of the competitions are held within the USA where the sport has a huge fan base, however the enthusiasm for the sport is phenomenal and tens of millions of people watch the events and the reality show live and on TV.


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What is UFC

The UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship is the most important sporting organization in the world representing Mixed Martial Arts enforcing the ‘Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts’ at all of the events hosted around the world annually by the UFC. The UFC is operated by a privately owned company ‘Zuffa’ based in Las Vegas and with offices in major world capitals supporting and promoting the development of the sport.

UFC is growing rapidly due to the popularity of the sport where enthusiasts enjoy watching highly skilled fighters striving to win in ‘gladiatorial’ style battles requiring a broad range of martial arts techniques. UFC licenses gyms around the world to teach mixed martial arts with UFC rules and promotes the nutritional supplements required by aspiring fighters.



This UFC-fighter seems to have the upper hand over his opponent


The fights are held in an octagonal shaped ‘ring’ with sides high enough to prevent a fighter being thrown out. The fights are strictly regulated with 3 judges in attendance, a referee and other staff attending to the needs of the fighters during the tournament.

The elite fighters are proficient in karate, wrestling, judo, boxing, sumo, kick-boxing, grappling, jiu-jitsu and many more combat sports making them masters of UFC. The basic idea of the sport goes right back to the Greco-Roman wrestlers who were admired for their skills and physical prowess with the sport practised in the Olympic Games thousands of years ago.


How does a Fighter Win a Tournament?

There are three separate ways to win with the first being a ‘knockout’ where the opponent is physically incapable of fighting on. The second way is to get the opponent to submit through tapping out or by the decision of the judges who are not employees of the UFC but licensed to make judgement as to the skills of each player awarding points in each round.


Longest Running Sports Reality Show in the World

UFC is not only shown on the TV when there is a major live event but is also presented regularly as a sports reality show. The various star fighters are profiled and interviewed creating a massive fan base with regular fights taking place for ongoing entertainment.

The shows and the tournaments are very exciting and can be viewed on Fox Sports 1 in the USA and on pay to view TV in other parts of the world when major events are broadcast in 28 languages.

The website is constantly updated with news of fighters and upcoming events with videos available of the ‘favourite’ past fights allowing people who don’t know the sport the opportunity to watch the action for free.