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Betfair Sports offers its customers infinite betting possibilities on the innovative betting exchange which has revolutionized sports betting. Experience the thrill of betting at Betfair and never look back! T&Cs apply. 18+

Betfair Review

Ongoing Promotions on the Sportsbook

Betfair Sports presents several fresh, exciting offers every day under the promotions tab related to ‘current’ sports which top the agenda of sporting events. During the football season there are promos related predominantly to the game plus a few non-football related offers.

In the summer break there are usually horse racing, cricket, tennis and basketball promos with a scattering of football specials for fixtures hosted all over the world.

The promos are usually offering money back in the form of free bet tokens when certain things occur during an event and bonus offers when customers make bets above a minimum requirement.

Each promotion is clearly presented with terms and conditions carefully explained to ensure complete transparency and all the promotional offers are designed to encourage and reward loyalty from Betfair Sports customers.


Ongoing Betfair Exchange Promotions

There are several promotional offers on the Betfair exchange each day which reward customers for taking part in ‘challenges’ and competitions.

The kinds of special offers are completely different from the traditional sportsbook promos as Betfair does not take any risk by providing the Exchange service, only taking a set commission on each transaction.

Examples of specials which are found on the exchange are cash prizes for ‘guessing the price of oil’ at a certain moment and for taking part in a ‘Summer Cash Race’. Customers need to log on daily to see exactly what the promos of the day are and to take full advantage of them.


The Betfair Exchange

Launched in the year 2000, the Betfair Exchange revolutionized the way that people could bet on sports and also on non sports, rapidly catching the attention of the public and becoming the largest betting exchange in the world. The traditional concept of betting on an event to happen was turned on its head as people were now able to bet on events NOT happening.

The Betfair Exchange provides a platform where interested parties come together to ‘exchange’ bets with one another AT THE SAME ODDS and Betfair takes a commission on each transaction by acting as a medium for the customers by matching the layers and the backers very fast.

Each bet requires a ‘backer’ who bets that a horse, football team, tennis player or whatever else will win. (The blue boxes on the exchange show the odds for backers.) The bet then requires a ‘layer’ who bets the same amount of money at the same odds as the ‘backer’ predicting that the horse, football team, tennis player or whatever else will lose. (The pink boxes show the odds for layers).

If the amount of money being bet cannot be fully matched, the bet is partially matched and the rest of the money remains in the customer’s account.

On rare occasions a backer or layer cannot be found for a bet and the bet is not fulfilled leaving the customer with the money to use on another bet.

The exchange allows people to bet against the success of individuals or teams as long as there are other people prepared to back those same individuals or teams to win.

Customers can request specific odds on their bets and if nobody can be found to back or lay that bet at those odds then the bet cannot be matched and remains open.

The financial advantage of using the Betfair Exchange is definitely an important one with statistics showing that the odds on average are 20% higher than those shown by traditional bookmakers.

The percentage commission taken by Betfair is 5% but is reduced gradually to 2% as customers increase the volume of bets.

Many people use the betting exchange to back events as they would do at a traditional bookmaker getting the benefit of better odds. The ‘Cash Out’ feature on the Betfair Exchange allows customers to ask for a cash out offer for the whole market they have bet on, locking in the profit or minimizing the loss.

The cash out amount shown is the minimum amount of money that person will get if they accept the cash out offered in that moment. Cash out allows customers to remain in control of their bets till very late in the event.


Traditional Betfair Sportsbook

In 2012, Betfair added a traditional sportsbook to the online platform giving customers the choice of using the exchange or placing bets in the way that has been done for countless years. Customers are welcome to have two accounts at Betfair and go between them as they wish.

The sportsbook features 27 sports with Horse racing, Football, Cricket, Golf and Tennis positioned at the top of the home page, each with a dedicated tab. Thousands of sports betting markets are available daily with excellent odds making Betfair an excellent choice for punters.


Live Betting In Play

The In play schedule is extensive meeting the expectations of sports betting fans who are especially keen to place bets live during play. The Live betting service has grown enormously as customers show a huge interest and often prefer to bet during play than prior to an event commencing as it is far more engaging and immersive.

Bettors can place bets as events unfold at odds which vacillate according to the ongoing situation in a match or race. In play betting gives bettors more markets to bet on and can be far more financially rewarding overall.


Price Rush Feature

Betfair Sportbook customers can benefit on many occasions from a ‘Price Rush’ offers made suddenly by the Betfair team giving improved odds on their bets.

The Betfair team uses the information gathered from the bets placed on the Betfair Exchange to offer improved odds to sportsbook customers without charging commission.

This is a unique and highly innovative feature which gives Betfair Sportsbook members an edge over punters registered with other leading bookmakers.


Cash Out Feature

‘Cash out’ is available for customers who place bets on markets which have the ‘cash out’ icon next to them in the sports book.

The feature is available on pre-match markets and for live betting during play giving customers firm control over their bets until the closing moments of an event when the markets are suspended.

Customers can check the ‘cash out’ price which is the minimum that will be returned to them if they press the cash out button at that moment in time. ‘Cash out’ locks in the profits made up to that moment on the bet and also serves to cut losses allowing customers to place new bets with money returned to their accounts.


Betfair Sport Mobile Betting

Betfair Sport offers its customers secure, FREE, state-of- the art mobile apps for Android operated devices as well as mobile iOS devices.

The apps are available from the Apple apps store and the Betfair Sports Mobile website directly. The complete Sportsbook service is offered on mobile and the full Betting Exchange service with cash out and banking permitted using the mobile device.

Mobile sports betting is a rapidly growing trend which has overtaken sports betting from desk top computers especially since the development of affordable ‘tablet’ devices.

The FAQ section at Betfair lists everything there is to know about mobile sports betting and any further questions are answered by the customer support team through the Help Centre.


Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Betfair Sport offers a wide range of secure banking options with a transaction history available at all times. Deposit options commence with popular credit and debit cards including MasterCard and Visa. Further options include Bank transfer, 8Pay, BPay, Cheque, ClickandBuy, EntroPay, PayPal, Neteller, Poli, Skrill(Moneybookers), WebMoney, Western Union.

Withdrawal of funds can be done by the standard credit and debit cards and a selection of alternatives which are Bank Transfer, Cheque, EntroPay, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill(MoneyBookers), WebMoney.


Customer Support

The customer service team is highly professional and polite answering questions through live chat directly from website and responding to e mail communications and telephone calls. Customers who require assistance should click on the ‘help’ tab at the top of the home page which takes them to the ‘Betfair Help Centre’ and select the option they require. Answers to questions have been set out in a comprehensive way ensuring that customers can search for solutions to queries before contacting the support team in person.

Why Betfair
Cash out winnings during play
Watch streamed live sports online
Fabulous Mobile option
Unlimited betting markets including non-sports
Responsible Gaming
Betfair Facts
Award winning betting exchange
Seven million daily transactions
Three million customers since the year 2000
Strong investor in charitable organizations
Customer support in 16 languages

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