Live betting

The time slipped by without you noticing, the match you were waiting for has begun, and you haven’t placed your bets!

No it is not a catastrophe anymore because the bookmakers that we have partnered with have introduced the fabulous live betting feature that puts an end to all those kinds of ‘nightmare scenarios’ forever.

Using the innovative live betting feature you can relax at home placing live bets at great odds as you watch the match unfold on TV or PC with a free live streaming service from your bookmaker. If you’re on the move it’s not an issue with free mobile apps available from any of the ‘bookies’ listed below giving you the full live betting service.

Choose your bookie now and find out why live betting is the fastest growing trend in the sports betting industry.


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Each Casino reserves the right to cancel or change promotions at any time. Please refer to each Casino's T&Cs page for full details. New Customer Only. 18+. Please play responsibly.



What is Live Betting?

Many people are not quite sure what live betting really is as it is a fairly recent concept which has ‘exploded’ onto the sports betting scene overtaking traditional spread betting at an incredible speed and continues to be the fastest growing sector in the sports betting industry worldwide . Live In play betting has proven to be the best thing that has happened to sports betting since the internet revolution began in the late 1990s. The uptake of live betting has been aided by the growth of mobile betting which has spread as a result of increased internet speed following the introduction of 3G networks and superb betting apps developed for most online sports betting companies.

Live betting ‘In play’ literally takes place after a match or event has commenced which was impossible before the necessary digital technology was developed a few years back. Live betting during play is the answer to every punter’s dream as it permits the bettor to place bets during the course of an event adjusting the bets according to the changing circumstances as play unfolds. The number of betting markets available to punters is much larger and more diverse than with classic spread betting and the opportunities to make successful winning bets are far greater.


Bigger Returns on More Bets

Before any event begins it is normal that sports betting fans hold opinions based on statistics, form, past performance and of course that quintessential ‘gut feeling’ than nobody can quite explain. The bettors pre-conceived opinion is usually the foundation of the pre-match bet and once the bet is placed and the event starts, bettors have traditionally had to sit back and accept the result at the end, accepting the win or the loss ‘dished out’ to them without question.

Bookmakers realised that to get a new ‘savvy’ generation of sports betting fans ‘onboard’ there had to be more interaction with the bookmaker and greater engagement in sporting events and the betting process. The concept of live betting was introduced and spread like ‘wild fire’ as excited customers found the new process both stimulating and rewarding.

Bettors jumped on the opportunity given them to actively engage in the betting process often placing several bets during play and spending more money on betting entertainment than ever before. BUT live betting has led to bettors enjoying much bigger returns on their bets overall on a regular basis, resulting in a ‘win-win’ situation for the bookmakers and their happy customers.

Betting live during play is being perfected as a matter of course as internet speeds get even faster everywhere with the delays on the confirmation time of live bets down to less than 5 seconds. To support the live betting service, customers have access to constantly updated livescore data provided by all the best bookmakers on their sports betting platforms as well as live streaming of events online or on TV whilst making betting decisions.

The complete live betting service with live streaming included is available through the secure cutting edge mobile apps provided free by the bookmakers that we partner with.


Cash Out or Cash In Features in Live Betting

The most important feature introduced by the bookmakers since the introduction of live betting is the ‘Cash-in or Cash-out’ feature (The terms used by different bookmakers mean the same) which adds a brand new dimension to sports betting whether pre-match or live in play. Cash out or Cash in options give punters more involvement and CONTROL in the betting process through incredible flexibility offered during the course of an event.

Certain sports betting markets are earmarked for Cash in or Cash out and the bettor can decide at any time to stop the betting process before the event is settled, accepting the amount of money offered at any moment in time by the bookmaker.

The amount may signify a loss to the bettor or a profit depending on the circumstances of the event, however, the bettor is in control and can decide whether to lock in the profit and cash in the bet or limit the loss by cashing in the bet. The cash in value indicated by the bookmaker is returned to the customer’s account immediately giving that person the opportunity to place another bet with that money if they wish to do so.

Bets placed before an event begins can be cashed out before the event commences or during the event making the betting process so much more flexible and engaging.

The combination of Live in play betting, the cash out feature and the mobile app has made sports betting a brand new ‘game’ that can be enjoyed by every adult looking for rewarding, top quality entertainment in a secure environment. The sports betting business partners that we have selected to work with are reviewed in detail on giving readers a choice of trustworthy bookmakers to register with.