Are you ready to go Russian?

For the 21st edition of the international football World Cup tournament, a lot of excitement is bubbling. Expectations are also building up as millions of fans follow their favorite team or teams around the globe all the way to… Russia!

World Cup Football 2018

It will be the very first time in the history of the World Cup to have the tournament hosted on Russian soil. Whether this will eventually work to the advantage of European or non-European teams is yet to be seen.

To date, European teams have mostly always won on European soil with two exceptions: Germany in 2014 when they beat Argentina in Brazil and snatched the title of world champions for the fourth time and Spain in 2010 when they won over the Netherlands in South Africa to make their very first win ever at the World Cup.

Brazil, the country which can humbly boast of 5 World Cup victories so far, won the World Cup outside Latin America three times: in Sweden in 1958 against the host country itself, in the USA against Italy in 1994 and in Korea/Japan against Germany in 2002. Brazil is also the one country which participated in every single World Cup tournament, with Germany close after with 18 out of 20 participations so far, excluding the one being held this year. In total, Brazil won 70 matches, lost around 17 and had a draw for another 17 matches. Germany’s results in this regard are somewhere close: 66 wins, 20 losses and 20 matches that ended up in a draw.

So are the football fans out there contending with a Brazilian win on Russian territory, rather than a European one?

Time to wait and see.

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