Sports Accumulator Bets

A Quick Guide to Sport Accumulator Bets

Sport accumulator bets are ones that can help individuals to win sometimes quite incredible sums of money from a relatively small outlay. Whereas a regular bet is one in which the bettor makes a single prediction about a single event, an accumulator bet is one in which the better makes a prediction about several different events. It is necessary for all of the included events to result as predicted for an accumulator bet to win, but if this is achieved, the rewards can be significant.

Why Accumulator Bets are Attractive

Accumulator bets are attractive because they give the bettor the chance to benefit from the compounding of odds. In an accumulator bet, the odds for each outcome are multiplied together to determine the overall profit, and when all of the predictions are successful, an accumulator would give a much better return than would be possible from single bets on the same predictions.

For example, let’s imagine that you have predicted the outcome for three separate football games, and that the odds for each of your selections is 1/1. If you were to place a £10 single bet on each of those matches, and they all won, you would receive £20 back from each bet. This would be a total return of £60 for a total outlay of £30 (three single bets of £10), giving you an overall profit of £30.

However, if you were to put all three of those same predictions into an accumulator bet, your profit for success would be much greater, because the 1/1 odds for each ‘leg’ of the accumulator (which means, each prediction) would be multiplied together and then multiplied by your stake to calculate your total return.

The topic of calculating your return will be discussed in a moment, but for now we can tell you that three 1/1 wins in an accumulator would give you a total return of £240 for a £30 outlay, giving you an overall profit of £190. Compare that to the £30 profit which would be received from three winning single bets on the very same matches and it is clear that accumulator bets have plenty to offer.

Calculating Accumulator Returns

The way to calculate exactly how much an accumulator bet would pay if successful is fairly straightforward. Begin by converting the odds for each prediction you have included to its decimal equivalent, including 1 point for your stake. Odds of 1/1 would therefore convert to 2.0 in decimal, odds of 2/1 would equate to 3.0, odds of 5/2 would equate to 3.5, and so on. When you have done that, multiple all of the decimal odds together, and then multiply by your stake to get the total return.

In the previous example of three football matches, the odds were 1/1 for each prediction. That equates to decimal odds of 2.0 for each prediction, so our calculation would be 2 x 2 x 2 = 8. The example stake was £30, so we then perform the calculation 8 x £30 to give us a total return of £240.

Don’t worry if that sounds complicated, because all betting sites will automatically calculate the expected return from an accumulator on your behalf. However, knowing exactly how that calculation is performed, as explained here, allows you to accurately estimate your return even when you are away from the betting screen.

The Power of Compounding Odds

Compounded odds work in a similar way to compound interest, so the more predictions you have in an accumulator bet, the bigger the eventual payout for success would be. If three events at odds of 1/1 would give you a total return of eight times your stake, adding a fourth event at 1/1 would boost the return to sixteen times your stake, and a fifth event at 1/1 would boost it to thirty-two times your stake. A successful accumulator of ten predictions at 1/1 would pay 1,024 times your stake. Of course, all of your predictions need to succeed for an accumulator bet to win, and even just one failed prediction would cause the accumulator to lose, so you need to consider the potential risks as well as the potential rewards when deciding how many predictions you want to make.

Popular Accumulator Sports

You are free to include predictions about any sporting event in an accumulator, but the most popular sports amongst accumulator fans tend to be those that give them the best chance of predicting the outcome of the upcoming event according to previous form. For that reason, sports in which form tends to be most reliable, such as football, tennis, boxing, basketball, American football, rugby and horse racing, are usually more popular than more volatile sports such as golf, Formula 1 racing and cycling.

It is also worth bearing in mind that an accumulator bet does not have to focus on a single sport, nor do all of your included events need to take place on the same day. For example, one ‘leg’ of your bet could relate to a boxing match on Saturday evening, two more could relate to football matches on the Saturday afternoon, and yet another could relate to a tennis match on Sunday. In these cases, the bet would be settled and any return would be made to you when all events have concluded. Should any of your predictions lose, the bet would be closed immediately after the conclusion of the losing event.

Using Sporting Accumulator Bets

Sporting accumulator bets can be used in a variety of ways. Some people like to focus on accumulators as their main betting activity, whilst others prefer to bet primarily in singles and to use accumulators with much smaller stakes as secondary bets to give them a bonus return should all of their selections prove successful. Both approaches have their merits, so give some consideration to how accumulators might be best integrated into your own operations, and take it from there.