Top 4 Biggest Betting Events: Past and Future

Sports Events

The world of sports is in constant motion and it brings with it a thrill like no other. For those avid sports fans that love to bet, here are the top five events, out of a myriad of others in the sporting world, that one should keep a close eye on to place bets on. The below is a concise list of past and up-coming events…

FIFA World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup Football Championship is the best-loved sports event of all times. It carries with it millions of followers worldwide, who are either sportsmen or great football fans or simply just love to follow the matches for the fun of it. The opening event kicked off on Russian soil on 14th June and there were enough games to last for a month. So what was so exciting about this year’s World Cup? With Italy out of the way, many were rooting for Brazil to win. Others were thinking Germany were able to defend their World Cup. Then there was England who after eons, participated in the hope of taking it home. Perhaps what was most surprising was the amazing performance Croatia gave, but ultimately France had a better game and took it home.

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

For tennis enthusiasts, the oldest, most famous and most prestigious major tennis tournament in the world happened between 2 and 15 July 2018. This was an annual event in the tennis world. From around 128 men and women players competing, watchers from across the globe were able to see budding talent coming to the limelight in the same fashion as Serena Williams and Boris Becker did when they played at Wimbledon.

Super Bowl National Football League

The so-called “Super Bowl” has nothing to do with bowling. It’s actually the biggest professional American football tournament in the USA, known as the National Football League (NFL), attracting over 120 million spectators from the US alone and an estimated 1 billion fans watching and betting on the matches from all over the world. To be seen whether Philadelphia Eagles will continue with their path to success to win again at the NFL.


European Championships – Euro 2020

Just four European teams used to compete at what was known as the “European Nations Cup” in 1960 but which is now one of Europe’s most awaited sporting football events. The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship will have no teams automatically qualifying. This means that the competition for the 55 UEFA national teams will be even tougher than in previous European Championships. Not only do the European countries hosting matches have to also compete, but only 24 national teams will make it to the final tournament. Through the UEFA Nations League taking place this year, the teams will have a chance to quality for the UEFA Euro 2020 matches. Countries will be placed into 10 groups. So there will be plenty of exciting football matches to bet on over the coming months.




The above 5 events offer just a glimpse into the world of sports so that fans can start to reflect on the bets.

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